Medical Information

CheerSurge Camps are held at the Lake Buena Vista Resort, 8113 Resort Village Drive, Orlando, FL 32821. Lake Buena Vista Resort offers luxurious & convenient all-suite, condo-style accommodations.

  • We learned that CheerSurge campers like to spread out in the resort rooms. We renegotiated our contract with the resort to include a lower number of campers in each suite – 6 campers in a two-bedroom suite (3 beds) and 8 campers in three-bedroom suites (4 beds). There are no single beds at this resort.
  • We learned that some CheerSurge campers don’t like sleeper sofa beds and some do! This year, no camper will be assigned to sleep on a sofa bed.  However, sofa beds can be made available for campers to use if desired.
  • We learned that, on occasion, CheerSurge campers like to room together even though they have age differences. Customarily, we place similar ages in suites together. If you have a group of 6 or 8 campers who would like to room together and have age differences within the group, we are happy to accommodate that contingent upon the agreement of all camper parents in the suite. Groups of 6 or 8 campers who want to room together should contact us to discuss this possibility.

CAMP structure

  • A buffet breakfast will be provided each morning with hot and cold options. The options change daily but items provided each day include scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, pop tarts, Danimals yogurt, and fruit.
  • A full-service meal will be served at the gym for lunch daily. The menu changes daily but fruit and salad are served each day. “Seconds” are ALWAYS available.
  • A morning and afternoon snack will be served daily.
  • A “snack station” will be available on each camper floor of the resort for campers to stop by and grab a snack as they choose. No reason to ever be hungry at CheerSurge!
  • A quick pizza/salad meal will be delivered to each suite as the campers move in and get changed into swimwear for an evening pool party. A special dessert will be delivered to suites when campers return from the pool.
  • The evening meal varies according to the events of the day.
    • Monday:  Dinner out at Planet Hollywood in Disney Springs.
    • Tuesday:  Pick Your Pasta Buffet at the Resort will be served with several types of pasta/sauces, salad, bread and dessert. In the event campers do not enjoy this menu, we are happy to facilitate food service delivery at this time.
    • Wednesday and Thursday:  Evening food is enjoyed at the theme parks.  Some groups prefer to enjoy a lingering sit-down meal and some groups prefer to eat “food on the go” such as turkey legs, hot dogs, frozen yogurt, etc. all night long!  A heavy late-night snack is provided when campers return to the resort.
  • ​For dinners at Universal Studios, the park insists that everyone use the “Universal Studios” cellphone app to mobile-order food.  Please make sure your camper has this pre-installed on their phone, and pre-loaded with funds to pay for these 2 dinners.  Meals at Universal Studios are paid by the campers.  If your camper will not have a cellphone at camp, please contact us to make alternate arrangements.
  • ​For those “super-hungry” campers, we will designate a time each night for the ordering of food from their favorite food delivery app.  Campers must order and pay themselves, but CheerSurge staff will handle getting food to the rooms (for security reasons.)
  • If campers have dietary restrictions/needs, please contact us before registering. We strive to accommodate such issues and will have a conversation with you prior to camp to ensure the process is smooth.

Note: Specific events and venues always subject to change or substitution with equal quality events and venues.

After 13 years of providing awesome summer camps, CheerSurge had record breaking attendance in 2023 and learned a few new tricks of its own! With that in mind, we are switching up a few things.  Here are a few exciting changes, some suggested by our campers and parents, that we are implementing at CheerSurge 2024. 


  • Campers who are flying to Orlando must fly into the Orlando International Airport (MCO). All flights should be scheduled to arrive between 12PM and 4PM. During this time, CheerSurge staff will be on site to greet them, assist with luggage and escort them to the provided transportation. On the last day of camp, all departing flights should leave between 9AM and 2PM. CheerSurge staff will ensure that your camper arrives at the proper terminal for departure.
  • Campers will be transported by professional car service to and from the airport! A CheerSurge staff member will always enjoy the ride with them.
  • If you purchase Unaccompanied Minor status for your cheerleader, CheerSurge staff will meet them at the arrival gate and escort them through airport check in and security process and to the departure gate. Call your airline for specifics on these programs. Some campers wear their CheerSurge t-shirts on flight days, but this is not required.


  • Campers transported to CheerSurge by car should arrive at the Top Gun Orlando on Sunday at 1:30PM for returning campers, and 3:00PM for new campers. Campers will depart at 10AM from Top Gun on the last day of camp. There will be a CheerSurge registration area at Top Gun Orlando to welcome the campers and for check-in and check-out. All campers that are traveling by car must be picked up by the parent/designee on file. Under no circumstances are campers allowed to drive themselves to camp.


  • Please contact CheerSurge (before ticket purchase) for other arrangements if you are not able to meet the arrival and departure times listed above.

The Meals

nEW FOR 2024:
cheerleaders love to learn new tricks!

Travel Tips

We learned that CheerSurge campers want MORE camp, so we’ve added a second week. A camper may attend both weeks.  Interim care is not available this year, but stay tuned for the 2025 camp season for interim camp options.

  • CheerSurge is a highly structured, fast paced sleep-away camp consisting of daily cheer instruction and evening activities.  Cheerleaders participate in all activities as a group. 
  • CheerSurge is a camp for individuals or small groups; team instruction or group training for cheer routines is not offered.

Medical Emergencies
Parents will be contacted as soon as possible in the unlikely event of a medical emergency. If a camper reports an injury or illness, CheerSurge directors will ensure that the individual receives proper medical attention.

Medical Facilities
Several clinics and hospitals are located nearby:

Buena Vista Urgent Care
8216 World Center Drive
Orlando, Florida
(407) 465-1110

Dr. P. Phillips Hospital
9400 Turkey Lake Road
Orlando, Florida
(407) 351-8500

Florida Hospital - Celebration
400 Celebration Place
Kissimmee, Florida
(407) 764-4190

We learned that CheerSurge campers enjoy their food and CheerSurge parents like to know what the food options are for campers!  We’ve created a detailed description of our food plan for the camp week:

Medical Emergencies
Parents will be contacted as soon as possible in the unlikely event of a medical emergency. If a camper reports an injury or illness, CheerSurge directors will ensure that the individual receives proper medical attention.

Medical Facilities
Several clinics and hospitals are located nearby:

Buena Vista Urgent Care           Dr. P. Phillips Hospital        Florida Hospital - Celebration
8216 World Center Drive            9400 Turkey Lake Road        400 Celebration Place
Orlando, Florida                           Orlando, Florida                     Kissimmee, Florida
(407) 465-1110                             (407) 351-8500                        (407) 764-4190

the lodging

CheerSurge will dispense prescription medication that is properly labeled and in the original container. Medications will be kept in the CheerSurge office and will be administered by camp directors.