for the parents


  • Parents must provide details of pick-up arrangements in writing (via email) if anyone other than a parent plans to pick up the camper at the conclusion of the camp.
  • Campers must wear a CheerSurge wristband at all times and a resort wristband while at the resort. Only registered resort guests may utilize the resort facilities.
  • Campers are always escorted by counselors or coaches at all times whether on a quick snack run or a fun afternoon at the amusement park.
  • A multiple count approach is utilized each time campers change locations.
  • When away from the resort, campers must always wear pink camp shirts and staff will always wear orange camp shirts for easy identification.​


  • In the interest of having a safe and enjoyable time for all campers, inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.  This includes all forms of bullying, theft, or defiant attitude with members of the CheerSurge staff.
  • If inappropriate behavior occurs, CheerSurge staff will:
    • First attempt to talk to the camper(s) in question to resolve the situation.
    • If the behavior persists, the parent will be notified.
    • If there is still no change to the behavior, the camper(s) may be sent home.  This may result in changed travel plans, flights, etc., so please take these matters very seriously.
  • Any camper who is sent home or opts to leave early will not receive a refund or pro-rated camp tuition.​

Anytime a large number of girls are gathered together, the possibility exists for conflict and inappropriate behavior. Outlined below is our conduct plan for parental and camper behavior.  By registering and attending camp, all campers and parents are hereby indicating their understanding that improper conduct will not be tolerated at CheerSurge.

  • CheerSurge utilizes several layers of services to provide security at the resort. The onsite directors are always present, the hotel provides a layer of security staff, the counselors are always available to campers, several members of our safety team are highly visible with SECURITY printed on the back of their orange camp shirts and a fully licensed outside private security firm is contracted to walk the halls of our room blocks at night.
  • Campers are allowed to place outside orders (food or merchandise) during specified times and with camp supervision. There will be several times available that camp staff help facilitate orders (serving as runners to pick up orders downstairs); however, orders may not be delivered to individual camper rooms by outside parties. (see our food plan for further details)
  • Parents (or others as delegated by the parent) that need to interact with or deliver items to campers should notify camp administration rather than attempting to go to individual camper rooms or contacting the resort.
  • Campers should not attempt to open their door or leave their room after counselors issue “Good Night – Lights Out”. If campers need to reach a counselor after that time, they will have a phone number to text or call for assistance. Camp staff take these calls/texts seriously and campers should not utilize this mode of communication for frivolous purposes.
  • ​​Note To Parents:  In an effort to help our campers and staff better handle behavior situations that may arise, we ask that you:​
  • Always have campers contact their counselor first (if possible.)  Each resort suite has a counselor assigned to assist with any issues.  A vast majority of incidents can be dealt with in this manner without escalating the situation.
  • Contact the CheerSurge administrators only if the situation has progressed beyond the counselor’s ability to assist.
  • As with campers, difficult or disrespectful behavior by the parent may also result in the camper(s) being sent home.



  • We feel that campers and their families should know the details around our safety and security plan. These details coupled with the availability of our on-site directors (24/7) provide both campers and parents a comfort that CheerSurge engages in practices that provide a safe and secure environment for our camp.​
  • Camper drop-off and pick-up at camp must adhere to the established times unless an alternate plan is approved by camp directors via email.​