We agree to contact the parent immediately if we notice that a camper is not adjusting well to residential camp life.  In this rare occurrence, we will work together to ensure that the camper is well adjusted and happy.  Camp directors can be reached at all times via cell phone.

Can my cheerleader bring a cell phone to camp?
Of course!  We completely understand the wishes of campers to have cell phones. However, there are several issues relative to cell phones that you should consider and discuss with your child before they come to camp.
There is no way for camp staff to monitor who the camper is having cell phone contact with and for how long or how often.   
One of the challenges in allowing campers in an overnight camp to have cell phones is that campers often call parents instead of seeking the guidance of camp staff.  If this situation were to occur it is requested that parents would direct their child to speak with camp staff.  This would allow for appropriate and timely resolution of camp concerns.

Can I visit my child during the CheerSurge camp session?
CheerSurge camps have been designed as an "away from home" experience.  With the exception of extreme circumstances, parents are asked to not visit campers during the camp session.  It is disruptive to both the program and the participants to have visitors.  CheerSurge overnight camps provide a wonderful opportunity for cheerleaders and dancers to grow towards becoming independent and resilient.

What safety measures does CheerSurge have in place?
The safety and security of all campers is paramount at all times. CheerSurge senior staff members are CPR certified.  CheerSurge campers must wear wristbands at all times, and only registered hotel guests may use the hotel facilities. Campers are accompanied by counselors at all times, whether making snack runs or having fun at the amusement parks.  If you have any specific concerns or questions, please call one of our directors!

How are medications handled?
CheerSurge directors will dispense prescription medication that is properly labeled and in the original container. Parents should complete and sign the prescription medication form.

What happens if my child gets sick or hurt?
Parents will be contacted as soon as possible in the event of a medical emergency. If a camper reports an injury or illness, CheerSurge directors will ensure that the individual receives proper medical attention. There are several clinics and hospitals nearby.

What if I drive my cheerleader  to camp?
That's terrific. The "Parent Info" page has all the necessary instructions for those who drive to camp. All cheerleaders that are driven to camp must be picked up by the parent/designee on file. Under no circumstances are campers allowed to drive themselves to camp.

Do campers come alone?
Many of the campers come alone, but make friends for life during the session!  As the mission of CheerSurge is to provide customized individual cheer instruction, squads or teams must register and participate as individuals.

I'm concerned about sending my camper across the country alone.
Our staff includes individuals with decades of experience supervising young people. If you'd like to telephone us to discuss this further, we are happy to speak with you. Every airline has a program for unaccompanied minors if you call for details.

frequently asked questions

Where are you located?
Summer Camp 2023 is being held at the fabulous Lake Buena Vista Resort in beautiful Orlando, Florida. The hotel itself truly provides an experience of a lifetime for the campers.

What age are your campers?
The age range of campers is from approximately 8 to 17 years old.

What airport do I use for CheerSurge?
Orlando International Airport (MCO)

Do you provide transportation to and from the Orlando airport?
Absolutely. In fact, campers are transported by a car service from the airport to Top Gun Orlando for registration and then to the Lake Buena Vista Resort! A staff member will greet them at the airport and enjoy the ride with them and several of their fellow campers. We ask that flights arrive on the first day of camp between 12PM and 4PM and depart on the last day of camp between 9AM and 2PM.