Below are some of the precautions that we are taking for safety purposes relative to COVID-19. In addition, we will certainly follow any restrictions that are applicable to the State of Florida during camp time.

  • No overseas campers are being accepted for the 2021 camp session.
  • During the registration and pick-up process, we ask that only one person enter Top Gun Gym with the camper. Temperatures will be checked of everyone entering the gym.
  • Hand sanitizer will be distributed to campers and will be readily available at all times.  Campers are also encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer to camp.
  • Scheduled hand washing sessions will be held frequently both at the gym and at the resort.
  • All rooms at the resort will be sanitized daily. In addition, cleaning wipes will be available in each room and campers will be encouraged to use them daily in the rooms.
  • The gym will be thoroughly sanitized after each session.
  • Temperatures of every staff member and every camper will be taken daily.​
  • An experienced nurse will be onsite to monitor any health issues.
  • Campers will be reminded and coached to:
  1.        Not share food / drink.
  2.        Limit physical contact with others
  3.        Not touch their face
  4.        Be mindful of safe coughing/sneezing techniques.

It is challenging to be able to produce a quality camp on short notice, but we are up for the challenge!  We realize that CheerSurge camp is a great opportunity for cheerleaders to be able to do what they love after a super stressful ending to the cheer season.  See you soon!



fit, fun, STRONG, and safe!
cheersurge procedures for staying healthy