Meet Megan:

Megan was a gymnast for 7 years before entering the world of cheerleading.  She holds two SCISA State Championships,
and has competed with Orlando All-Stars, Carolina All-Stars, and Rockstar Cheer.  In her time at Clemson, she was a member of the All-Girl Cheerleading squad and the Competitive Cheerleading squad.

She holds a Master of Science in Nursing Education, is currently a Registered Nurse, and is a lecturer at Clemson University School. She was the head cheerleading coach at Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC from 2015 - 2018.  She is also CPR certified.

two-time world champion

Meet Jordan:
Jordan has been involved in cheer for close to 20 years and is a two-time world champion.  His lengthy credits list includes University of Central Florida (2nd in the nation,) Florida Atlantic University (Top 10 finish,) and Wallace State College.

Jordan specializes in Level 1-5 Tumbling, Coed Stunting, All-Girl Stunting, and Physical Conditioning. He is passionate about providing a positive learning environment, and teaches that with hard work and dedication, an athlete can succeed not only in cheerleading, but in life.

When Jordan isn't in the cheer gym (which is rare,) he enjoys drawing, reading, and playing basketball.

Coach JOSH


Coach Jordan

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Coach dana

top gun, national & world champion

Meet Korey:

Korey is a former competitive cheerleader from Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  He started competitive cheerleading when he entered high school and holds National and World Championship titles.  As a former member of Top Gun Large Coed, Korey brings new and innovative techniques to our tumbling classes!

​This year, he coached the D2 Small Senior Level 3 Cheer Nation Athletics Royalty as they placed 5th at D2 Summit.

Coach korey



florida state university, champion central cheer & dance company

Meet Dana:

Dana originates from Key West Florida, where he was on the competitive all-star teams Planet and Key West Allstars. In his early college years, he was a member of the FSU Marching Chiefs, and a member of Tallahassee Community College cheer team. While earning his degree in Physical Education at FSU, he was a member of the coed cheerleading team where he was captain for 3 years.

After FSU, Dana became the coach of the Florida State Coed team as well as the head coach of Tallahassee Community College cheer team. As a former Chiles varsity cheer coach, he has experience with all-star, high school, and collegiate cheer.  He is going on his third year as head coach of the Florida State Garnet Girls.  He coached the Cheer Nation Athletics Apex this year, who were the D2 Small Senior 4 NCA Winners.

In addition to being a co-owner of Cheer Nation Athletics, Dana is also a co-owner of Champion Central Cheer and Dance Company, which travels around the nation doing choreography and camps for cheerleaders of all ages.


top gun allstars Miami, 2019 world champion

Meet Josh:

Josh has been a cheerleader for 10 years, and a gymnast for 6 years.  In addition to being a World Champion (International Open 5 - 2019,) he has also been an NCE Champion and Majors Champion.  He has cheered at Cheer Extreme and Top Gun Allstars, Miami.

On the coaching side, Josh specializes in tumbling, co-ed stunting, and overall physical fitness.  According to Josh, "Im passionate about being fit for life, and also teaching the youth of this sport that all things are possible with perfect practice and hard work!"